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Lymphedema Treatment 

Therapist administering lymph draining gentle massage

Lymph Draining is a gentle type of massage that encourages the natural draining of various lymph nodes. This therapy is key in lymphedema management, and also can help to decrease inflamed muscles and tissues and expedite the healing process. 


Stimulating the lymph nodes helps the body to remove toxins and waste products and to heal faster. Lymph draining can be a key component of treatment for patients with lymphedema, fibromyalgia, and for patients that have had surgery. In addition to helping drain the lymph nodes during your treatment session, our therapists will help teach you how to self-massage at home, further helping you manage your treatment after therapy! Come and find out more about this beneficial treatment and what it can do for you! 

Serving communities in: 

San Luis Obispo · Los Osos

Cayucos · Morro Bay

Grover Beach · Oceano

Arroyo Grande · Pismo Beach

Templeton · Santa Margarita

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