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Our 3 Fold Approach

The care provided at Spirit Winds Physical Therapy is administrated in 3 ways:​

Hands on Therapy, Low-Level Laser Therapy, and Healing Exercise.

During each session, posture, range of motion, and movement patterns are assessed. Varying amounts of time will be spent on each approach depending upon your needs and the phase of your healing. Education will be provided throughout, to ensure the maintenance of progress of healing beyond in-clinic therapy. 

Hands On Therapy

A portion of your time during each session will be spent receiving focused hands on therapy. Spirit Winds offers a truly unique and specialized method of physical therapy. Our therapists are highly skilled in Integrative Manual Therapy (IMT), Dynamic Manual Interface, and Matrix Energetics. During your therapy, our therapists will adapt these combined methods in order to realign and heal the imbalances causing your symptoms.


More about the Methods

Integrative Manual Therapy (IMT) targets structures in the body that are anatomy specific. Restrictions in a muscle, nerve, joint or organ are opened and relaxed. The body is repositioned to create an ideal lax environment and the intended structure is able to relax and unwind.

Dynamic Manual Interface aims to restore the body's natural rhythms. The rhythms in the body's muscles, fascia, organs, arteries, and lymphatic tissues are assessed through deep listening. Specific hand placements are used to restore these subtle rhythms, enabling the body to heal itself.

Matrix Energetics is an energetic approach to transformation and healing. This process works as a consciousness technology that can open your world to unlimited healing potentials.

Empowering through Education

Low Level Laser Therapy

Cold lasers work in much the same way as sunshine works on plants.

When broken down to its simplest elements, sunlight is comprised of waves of tiny particles, called photons.  These photons stimulate photosynthesis in plants and vegetables which encourage growth. In a similar fashion, our bodies have receptors in our cells to also accept waves of photons.  Low-level lasers generate those specific wavelengths and frequencies of light which have been found to be therapeutic.  All illnesses, disease processes, aches, and pains involve cells that are not operating optimally. The light waves and frequencies emitted from the low-level laser device increase the production of cellular energy. This energy is used by your cells for healing and accelerated regeneration.

​Healing Exercise

Exercise is a way in which we help you to maintain your ideal structural alignment that has been gained through the hands on and low level laser therapies. You will be empowered to change unhealthy postural patterns and create strength in your body. You will receive personalized attention and guidance throughout the progression of your home exercise program. Education of proper body mechanics is emphasized, to help you continue to live a healthy lifestyle after therapy is finished. 

Woman practicing healing exercise while walking with hand weights
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