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Is Your Knee Getting Victimized?

Is Your Knee Being Victimized?

Do you suffer from knee pains? Structural strains and damage in your knee are often caused by problems stemming from your back, foot and ankle. Your knee, by virtue of its location, often compensates for restrictions and imbalances in joints occurring above and below it.

Pes planus or fallen arches of your feet cause your knees to roll inwards, thus placing additional strain on the medial (or middle) aspect of the knee. This can lead to increased angular torque and pressure on your knee’s meniscus, cartilage and/or ligaments, making your knee more vulnerable to injury.

The Tensor Fascia Latae is a muscle that originates on the front of your pelvis and runs down the outer side of your thigh, then connects with the Iliotibial band. The iliotibial band attaches to the tibia just below your knee. Tightness of this complex will lead your thigh to rotate inwards thus causing you to be knocked kneed. To account for the inward rotation of the thigh, the lower leg rotates outwards thus causing further strain on the knee joint. If not addressed in a timely manner, this phenomenon puts your knee at a high risk for injury.

A pelvis or back which is out of alignment can cause undue strain on your knees. Many muscles originate from the bones of your back and insert down your thigh and legs. If these boney attachments are out of alignment, the muscles attached to them are subject to altered tension and length imbalances. Muscles could be tighter or more stretched out and then will not respond appropriately to challenges in activity.

Try testing the strains placed on your knee yourself, by changing your back position. Simply stand up, then go back and forth between fully arching your back to rounding your back. Pay attention to what your knees and ankles do as a result of these motions.

Don’t let your knees fall victim to the imbalances at your ankle, foot, and back! If you currently have knee problems, make sure that your healthcare practitioner is looking to balance mechanics and soft tissue at your foot, ankle, and back. This includes fitting you with appropriate shoe wear and orthotics if needed. If you currently have knee problems and suspect a connection to your back, foot, or ankle, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We’d be happy to optimize your back and lower extremities as well as give you exercises and other tips to save your knees.

Michele S Jang, PT is a physical therapist who likes to look outside the box. She has been a physical therapist for over 22 years and has extensive training in manual therapy or the use of hands to help rehabilitate the body. Michele has been an instructor both in the United States and abroad. Michele also has a team of therapists at Spirit Winds who offer an array of expertise on exercise, fall prevention, foot and shoe assessments, body mechanics, and proper breathing techniques to increase awareness and healing. Her team can be reached at 805 543-5100 or

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