At Spirit Winds, our focus is on caring for you individually and bringing about lasting results.  Here's what our patients are saying...

Care worth going the distance for!


I've been coming to Spirit Winds for several months, and have made terrific progress with my problem. I didn't know exactly what to expect, as I've never had PT before, but I have been so happy with my experience. I've seen almost every therapist in the practice and have always had a sterling experience. They are all deeply committed to your recovery, and pay careful attention, not only to the medical aspects, bu to your personal needs and preferences. The receptionists and other folks are always friendly, remember my name, and treat me so nicely! It's a pleasure to come here. Spirit Winds gets my highest recommendation.


From the moment you walk in the door you know you are in a very healing & caring environment. I feel very blessed to have found Michele, Laura, Brenna & Mickey. I was in so much pain I couldn't stand for the assessment & after just 6 weeks or so my improvement has been amazing. They are so knowledgeable, kind & intuitive. They pay attention to every single detail. Wouldn't ever go anywhere else

- Pam 2018

I feel much better and more flexible! I was shown how to get in and out of a car in a better way. I was also shown how to go up and down stairs by standing straighter and paying attention to my posture. I am now doing morning stretches that were shown to me to give me better flexibility and mobility. 

- Judy 2018

I highly recommend Spirit Winds for physical therapy.  They came recommended by my podiatrist and I am grateful for that recommendation.  Having recently moved to the area and being unfamiliar with local PTs, he hit the nail on the head with his recommendation.  Spirit Winds is a well-organized and welcoming office. Their lobby is calm and serene and everyone from the front office to the therapists are incredibly friendly, open and helpful.  They definitely made a not-so-fun situation (foot injury) bearable and I enjoyed the time I spent with them.  I would definitely go to them again.


This is the 3rd physical therapist I have visited in San Luis Obispo and is the only one I would highly recommend. Every session is one on one which includes an evaluation and manipulation of the troublesome muscles. These therapists have a broad understanding of the applications to the muscles and joints, not just a set of given exercises that they give you.

-Carol 2018

I spent almost a year going here and, after two knee surgeries, this group was my lifeline! They were kind and helpful and helped me regain my strength and mobility. I looked forward to seeing them each week and I'm actually sad to have finished physical therapy!

-Arya 2018

Spirit Winds and Michele Jang provide the best physical therapy, help you to heal and reach your goals.  I have received physical therapy from many other practitioners and I can state that Spirit Winds is the best in San Luis Obispo county. They provide patient, positive and knowledgeable support during rehabilitation. I had a total ankle replacement and wanted to get back to playing doubles tennis and Michele was able to take me from barely walking back to playing tennis.
Highly recommend her and her staff!


Spirit Winds has been the most effective therapy I've had thus far. My longstanding neck issue that began long ago with a car crash is hugely improved. My treatment was a combination of manual work by the PT, and really great ergonomic education. The PT got the problem sorted out, and as I continue to practice new habits, I experience better and better agility and mobility, as well as relief from pain. Everyone in the office is super nice too.

- Heidi 2018

In 2017 I had a very bad fall and took several months to recover. It aggravated my osteoarthritis and Fibromyalgia. At that time, I requested my physical therapy be carried out by Spirit Winds. I saw an advertisement in a local newspaper and was impressed. I believe my recovery from this fall was successful because of the treatment I received there. At this time, I am again receiving therapy from Janeve who has the hands of an angel and the patience of a saint. She is interested in my whole medical condition and the medications I take. Thank you to all the staff who make my visits pleasant.

- Tommie 2018

I had so much pain and burning in my hips and low back when I first went to Spirit Winds. I don't have any burning now and only bad pain after walking 1.5 blocks or more. I can go up and down stairs easier and do more housework before the pain starts. I notice a great Improvement. I had tried Physical Therapy several times, but Spirit Winds was different. All the massage, pressure points, starting with easier exercises all combined has really helped me. -  June 2018


I have increased mobility and less pain from movement or lack of movement when sitting or standing too long. I'm more at ease, with increased use of  exercise regimen learned at Spirit Winds 


I feel very much improved and glad to avoid surgery. I have greater movement and flexibility without pain. I can kneel down, do stairs, and walk several blocks without pain. Spirit Winds used a variety of techniques to aid healing and encouraged my confidence. 


"I am currently moving better than any time since the stroke in 2004 and am doing so with better confidence."  


- November, 2017

The pain I was experiencing is gone. My strength & flexibility has greatly increased. I have also learned new ways to move without pain. 


I started physical therapy with a lack of energy. I had physical pain and fear of prolapse. All of the therapists have been a team of hope, giving me great care and exercises I can use for life. I have renewed energy, no pain and am happy to have been a patient at Spirit Winds. -Michelle 


“Overall, pretty massive transformation in performance of my foot. Much less pain; more confidence to do the things I love. I feel that I will be back to 100% after another month or so of keeping up with exercises/stretches” 


Foot Pain

“My experience has been therapeutic to an extent I would have never thought possible when I first came to Spirit Winds. Michele and her team have been most knowledgeable and ultimately successful in effecting a return to pain free activity and unbownded health... For this i thank all of you -- from the bottom of my heart!!”


Sciatica & Arm Pain

“Besides helping me get through a very difficult accident, they helped my spirits soar at each visit with friendship and compassion”


“ My experience at Spirit Winds has been truly fantastic. For the first time in almost two years my ankle is back to a normal activity level. The staff are friendly and encouraging and the atmosphere is relaxing & professional. Michele really focused on my goals and abilitis to help me learn how to properly strengthen my ankle. I have been to several PT places before, but Spirit Winds is by far the best place that I have ever used."


Ankle Pain

“BEST physical therapy EVER!  I came to them for chronic pain in my ribs over the past 10 years and neck pain due to whiplash 30+ years ago.  With special exercises specifically for my issues, they are teaching me to use my body properly again and after only a few sessions my rib pain is gone and neck is so much better!  The laser therapy is also super effective.  After a free 30 minute session I won I could feel the difference!  Thank you, thank you, thank you!”


Rib Pain

“Before coming in I was in a brace and struggling to walk, even the short 2 blocks to the movies. Now, with no brace, I am enjoying my morning walks and turning the corner! I am back to hiking the trails and beaches of Big Sur!"


“I love your approach to PT. My body really responds well the the subtle movements and exercises. I found the laser treatment to be very helpful. After my sessions, I have a much greater range of motion. Thank you all!”


Hip Pain

“I had so much pain in my hip and shoulder that I was really worried that I couldn't be fixed. I am happy to say I was wrong! I am doing so much better, I've gained strength and stamina. The pain is so much less than I dreamed possible. Thank you all at Spirit Winds!”


Hip and Shoulder Pain

“The results are amazing! With conventional P.T., I would get out of alignment the first time I did any bending or lifting; I would start all over again from square one. Between the exercises and the treatment. I have all kinds of freedom and flexibility, and it has staying power! I'm very excited with how well I am doing!”

Tina, RN

“I am so much improved! The exercises are reasonable and beneficial. I will keep doing these for months to follow…years too! I am motivated to keep strong, balanced, limber, and toned.”


Neck Pain

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