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Neuromuscular Re-Education

Neuromuscular Re-Education includes practices that help to re-educate muscles to fire in the correct pattern. It is incorporated into treatment of neurologically involved patients including post-stroke, nerve damage, brain injury, Parkinson's, as well as orthopedic, and sports injuries. 

Treatment combines balance, proper body mechanics, cognitive training, core strengthening, and mimicking movements of daily tasks to help bring about a change in how you move day to day.


Neuromuscular Re-Education may include:

  • Multi Joint Movement

  • Non-linear motion(diagonal)

  • Weight bearing postures when appropriate

  • Progressive Resistance

Serving communities in: 

San Luis Obispo · Los Osos 

Cayucos · Morro Bay

Grover Beach · Oceano

Arroyo Grande · Pismo Beach  

Templeton · Santa Margarita

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