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Balance/Orthotic/Gait Training

Balance exercise that works to strenghten muscles and joints. This can help to treat back pain and ankle pain.

Balance training will help strengthen muscles and joints, improve posture, lower risk of falls, retrain muscles, and recover from injuries such as spinal cord, broken legs, and musculoskeletal disorders. Balance and gait training can also be the key to treating back pain, ankle pain, and more! Treatment includes an analysis and optimization of foot and ankle mechanics, and analysis and advice on proper footwear and inserts. 


Balance problems can be caused by a range of things, from muscle weakness and stiffness, to simple aging or as a result of a stroke or disease such as Parkinson's. Whatever the cause, let our therapists work with you to get walking back on the road to recovery!

Serving communities in: 

San Luis Obispo · Los Osos 

Cayucos · Morro Bay

Grover Beach · Oceano 

Arroyo Grande ·  Pismo Beach 

Templeton · Santa Margarita

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