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Change Occurs From the Inside Out

Michele S. Jang, PT
& Owner of SWPT

"I believe that when people come to us with injuries and ailments, that the answer isn't just physical therapy. Our mission is to help mend those "wounds" so they can go out and do their life's work, whatever that is to them..."

Visit our beautiful facility at 1257 Laurel Lane in San Luis Obispo. We look forward to seeing you at your next appointment! 

Here at Spirit Winds, we foster outstanding relationships with our patients,
in a safe space.

Erika Sabosky, SLO, CA

"The Wellness Program at Spirit Winds was a perfect transition for me.  I had just finished Physical Therapy for my shoulder and was hoping for a way to continue to keep my shoulder healthy and strong but to also pay better attention to my overall fitness which I had neglected with my injury.  Dave has helped me so much to get healthier and stronger,  to become more disciplined in incorporating movement and fitness regularly into my life, and to enjoy the process.  His encouragement and support have given me the confidence I need to keep at it!"
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