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Never Have I Ever... Tried Kickboxing

Meet Sierra. She is sweet, patient, smart, and a dedicated Loba Muay Thai instructor! In fact, she is the head of Loba Muay Thai in San Luis Obispo. Spirit Winds is now featuring her incredibly adaptable class and I think you would be intrigued to try it out.

What is Muay Thai?

Also known as 'The Art of 8 Limbs', it is a combat sport that originates from Thailand (originally Siam) that incorporates the use of punching, kicking, knees and elbows, and also includes clinching and sweeps. Besides being a competitive martial art, it can also be used as...

  • a great way to build strength, cardio, and power training

  • stress relief and a mental health outlet

  • a form of structure, discipline, and self-defense

What do I Need to Try it Out?

  • 14oz. - 16 oz. Gloves (leather is best)

  • 180" hand wraps

  • good mouthguard

  • shinguards

  • groin protector

Sierra is an incredible teacher, and she guides her class through step-by-step instructions to build skill and strategy in the 90-minute block of time.

She talks often about how this sport has changed her life. Her goal is to create a place for everyone and anyone to be able to learn and train.

At Spirit Winds, we welcome you! Give us a call or fill out this interest form.


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