Distraction Exercise

Distraction & Exercise – The Pros & Cons Is distraction beneficial or detrimental while exercising? Distraction is defined by the Oxford dictionary as, “A thing that prevents someone from concentrating on something else.” Or a “diversion or recreation.” While exercising, I take distraction to mean taking our attention away from the exercise at hand. Distractions can by visual such as watching television or auditory such as listening to music. Does this take away from the benefit of exercising? Here are some of the pros and cons to using distraction while exercising. Pros Distraction to avoid pain - Though pain generally is your guide, there are times when the mere thought that something is g

Power of our Mind in Rehab

Power of our Mind in Rehab As we enter the New Year, we make resolutions, goals, and intentions for what we would like to achieve in 2018. Some of these goals pertain to health, fitness, and physical abilities. Maybe they incorporate financial goals. Some years ago, I was asked by a quite accomplished massage therapist, “How are you able to feel what you do with your hands?” My answer was very simple; “Because no one told me I couldn’t.” I admit that perhaps I had selective listening and did not hear any of the messages of “You can’t”. This message has guided me well in my practice of physical therapy with clients. The same message works with the resolutions, goals, and intentions you set

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