Physical Therapy - Partnering in Your Wellness

Wellness is a concept at the heart of healthcare. It makes sense that the care should be holistic and individual in nature. Both the provider and patient should take active roles to ensure that individualized care is the case. Wellness is a multi-faceted concept. The National Wellness Institute defines six dimensions of wellness being emotional, occupational, spiritual, intellectual, social, and physical. Physical therapists are experts in the division of “physical” wellness, which would seem rather obvious given the occupational title. However, as a physical therapist, it is important to remember that despite our expansive knowledge and years of experience, we are only a piece of the wellne

Muscles to Stretch for Common Aches & Pains

“DIY or Do-It-Yourself” is the common term used for those who wish to try their own hand at fixing something, usually a house project. There are YouTube videos, blogs, and endless Pinterest articles on just about anything to help guide you through the process. When it comes to “fixing” your body, there is also an abundant amount of information out there in which to educate us. Muscle tightness can be the primary, or a contributing factor, to many body pains. Muscles are certainly not the only cause of pains though, and please consult a professional if you find yourself in continuous pain. Just like in a home improvement project, you will try to do what you can safely, but if you are stumped

Pelvic Floor Rehabilitation

Hello. My name is Janev Alvarez. I am a physical therapist at Spirit Winds Physical Therapy here as a guest contributor. As a practicing physical therapist, I enjoy empowering our community with knowledge. Today I am expanding on the topic of pelvic floor rehabilitation. Physical therapy treats the musculoskeletal system, taking into account the whole patient. This system is comprised of muscles and their tendons which attach to the bony joints they operate. There are also bursa (coverings) which protect the tendons from irritation as they move over bone, the nervous tissue that signals muscles to move the joints, the ligaments that hold the bony joints together, the soft tissue structures

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