What Are The Best Support Products For My Body?

I am often questioned about which seat cushion, pillow or shoe insert is best. There are so many wonderful as well as gimmicky products out there. Often it is difficult to promote one specific product as there are many other variables to consider. Products are typically molded for a person’s height, size, shape and weight in mind. Since we come in all different shapes and sizes, our body types and our structural imbalances will influence how we will “mold” to for example a lumbar support cushion. For one person, the lumbar support will be just perfect; for others, it may be too firm and uncomfortable. Additionally, the furniture in which a person uses influences the effectiveness of the

Ergonomics On A Budget

Having proper body mechanics at home when you sit on a couch, dining room chair, or desk seat is important especially if you have any sort of back or neck pain. Sleeping with the right pillow for optimal neck support is equally important as many hours are spent sleeping. The cost of ergonomically designed furniture is not cheap however and not everyone can afford such. Here are some suggestions for incorporating changes to your existing home furniture if you’re on a budget: Couches: Slouching for any prolonged period can lead to abdominal & core muscle weakness. Slouching causes the pelvis to roll backwards into a “posterior pelvic tilt” thus hollowing out the natural curve or lordosis

Exercises - Lessons from Nature

After completing my run on the Bluff Trail in Montano De Oro, I reflected on nature’s splendor and how much that she has to teach us about exercising and becoming healthy. Here are some of my observations: [if !supportLists]1. [endif]Nature has its ups & downs: Trails have varied degrees of steepness & surfaces– sandy, muddy, rocky, even & uneven. Curves and turns limit our vision. All of which can hinder our footing requiring one to focus to keep their balance. As with life, we have our ups & downs & uncertainties. There are times of smooth sailing as well as are rocky & tumultuous periods. Sometimes en route with exercising and becoming healthy, it may be challenging to see how far

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