Physical Therapy Pet Peeves

Do you know what irks me about physical therapy? Don’t get me wrong, the profession and the goal of helping people is truly rewarding, but there are aspects of physical therapy that drive me crazy. Here are my top 10 “Pet Peeves”: People who don’t try their best. This includes both patients and their therapist! Physical therapists who assign exercises and never place their hands on the patient to determine and try to correct biomechanical imbalances. There is a tremendous amount of education that goes towards our degrees which sets us apart from well-trained personal trainers who can also do an excellent job in assigning exercises. Physical therapy is beyond just exercises. Physical therapis

Detailed Medical History

What details of my medical history should I tell my physical therapist? If you have ever asked yourself this question, then this article was written for you. Physical therapists rely on the details of your communicated symptoms, medical history, and response to past treatment to guide the care you will receive. If an important detail is not communicated to your therapist, then your care may not be as effective in getting the results you desire. Furthermore, it could result in a compromise of your health and safety. During a physical therapy evaluation, your therapist will review your medical history with you and ask many questions in regards to your symptoms. It is important to remember that

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