The Importance of Cross Training

Cross-training is a sports term. It describes training parts of your body different from the one you’ve been focusing on. An example is a runner who cross-trains by lifting weights to build strength in the upper chest and back. Personally I’ve noticed how much stronger a dancer I am from integrating kickboxing into my weekly exercise routine; and vice versa, my kickboxing is also improved by integrating the techniques I learn from dance. You don’t need to be an athlete to incorporate cross-training. The same concept can apply to physical therapy as well. When rehabilitating from a knee injury, one may also work on improving posture and building up the scapular muscles. To excel at something

Managing Your Exercise Toolbox

Often during the period of rehabilitation from an injury we are given a number of different stretches and strengthening exercises to do. The first set of exercises seems quite doable. Then inevitably, more stretches and strengthening exercises are added. Soon there seems to be an insurmountable number of exercises to learn and perform. How do you navigate through all the prescribed exercises? How make the best use of your exercise time and perform those which are most helpful? Imagine a toolbox. In your toolbox, you gather useful tools. Over time you know the name of the tool, the tool’s purpose and how to use the tool. In physical therapy, the exercises and stretches you are taught are th

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