How to Have a Successful Doctor's Appointment

If you feel intimidated by the thought of going to the doctor’s office, then you are not alone. Many list a visit to their physician as an activity they would least want to do. However, in pursuit of wellness, a trip to the doctor is often a must. Therefore, to make the best use of your time, here are some tips for navigating a more successful visit and to ensure you receive the best care. First, be clear and concise in communicating your reasons for your appointment and goals for treatment. Your medical professional wants to see you satisfied with your care. If you explain exactly what you are hoping to achieve, it will give both parties a better chance of success because you will be pining

When is it okay NOT to Exercise?

In physical therapy we assign exercises to rehabilitate our patients. However, there are instances when exercising is not appropriate. Here are some of the top reasons: Heightened or sharp pain during or after an exercise: Sharp pain experienced within 24 hours after an exercise is different from normal mild muscle soreness. Sudden sharp or heightened pain may indicate further tissue trauma. Sometimes you may experience numbness or tingling. This may be the case when performing a nerve stretch. Numbness or tingling that persists past approximately 30 seconds after letting go of a stretch may indicate that the stretch was performed too vigorously or that the body is simply not ready for it. A

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